Twelve South - TWELVE SOUTH Relaxed Leather case for iPhone

TWELVE SOUTH Relaxed Leather case for iPhone

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Twelve South Relaxed Leather Relaxed Leather from Twelve South is a Premium Leather snap-on case with a burnished finish that improves with time, like a fine wine!  Inspired by the laid-back luxury of burnished leather boots, shoes and accessories. The leather case is crafted in corresponding rich tones, delivering style to your iPhone as well as smart, easy protection.  Each genuine leather case is completely unique thanks to hand burnishing along the edges and corners. Inside, quilted interior microfibre lines a 5-sided recessed shell that keeps your iPhone like new. Relaxed Leather’s refined yet relaxed style is just as comfortable tucked in jeans as it is pulled out of a 3-piece suit. A warm-toned burnished leather case with vintage personality right out of the box following the fashion trend of a rustic, lived-in vibe. Constant use and handling continues to soften the leather and darken its original tone, giving it more character and looking even better with age. Relaxed Leather protects your iPhone day-in and day-out from falls, slips and drops. It’s 1 mm raised front edge keeps the harshest surfaces away from your iPhone screen. Relaxed Leather even faced independent drop testing and passed all tests with flying colours. This case will protect your phone from some of the harshest hazards in the world - and it’ll look good doing it.

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