Twelve South - HiRise for MacBook adjustable stand for MacBook

HiRise for MacBook adjustable stand for MacBook

Article number: 12-1222
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Designed for laptops (and people) of all sizes. HiRise for MacBook is a beautifully designed, height-adjustable stand that elevates your laptop to a comfortable desktop. HiRise does what fixed stands can’t do. It lets you set your MacBook Pro or MacBook Air from a few inches, up to a half foot off your desk, which makes it perfect for MacBooks and users of all sizes. You’ll see HiRise as more of an upgrade than an accessory. Key facts: • Raises MacBook up to 6-inches to your ideal ergonomic viewing height • Aligns MacBook with external display for the ultimate dual-screen workstation • Pair with a full-size keyboard and mouse for the most comfortable home setup • Non-slip arms hold all size MacBooks - from 11-inch Air to 15-inch Pro
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