Proper - Studio Proper M Lock Car Mount for iPhone

Studio Proper M Lock Car Mount for iPhone

Article number: ML-CM-V3
This Studio Proper M Lock Car Mount works in conjunction with your M Lock iPhone Case so you can quickly and easily mount your phone in your car. The M Lock Car Mount is quick and easy to install to your windscreen using the included 3M window mount and has a compact design to prevent it from getting in the way. It contains super strong neodymium magnets which are also in the compatible case so it's easy to click your phone on and off as you need. Features: •This mount can be used to attach your phone to your car windscreen so you can view your GPS while you drive. •It is compatible with the M Lock phone cases, which you can purchase separately. •The mount connects to the case via ultra strong magnets so it's easy to attach and detach as necessary. •Once your phone is on the M Lock mount you can also adjust the viewing angle for added convenience. •You can also purchase mounts for your bike, allowing you to easily connect your phone wherever you go.
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